Day 2 – Iowa to South Dakota – The eternal I-90.

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Next Stop – South Dakota.

Day two on our epic adventure, I got to learn about the joys of driving I 90. For me, it was a great experience. Its pretty much an 80mph straight shot across the country. I suspect its hell in the winter.

For anyone who thinks that billboard advertising is worthless, drive I-90. I am a 100% believer that under the right circumstances, billboards are extremely effective. Wall Drug case in point.  I don’t remember the first billboards I saw for them. I am pretty sure I don’t remember the second one either. After about 200 miles, I can’t remember how many of their billboards I saw. They were on both sides of the road, promising 5 cent coffee, leather works, shopping, a shooting range, just all kind of stuff that I was starting to believe the main point of our trip was to go to Wall Drug.

We saw a crap ton of billboards and stopped at three locations because of them:

  • Wall Drug – You have no choice after running the I-90 Gauntlet of billboards. It was worth the stop too.
  • The Corn Palace – Pretty cool stop. I had the best ear of corn here ever.
  • 1880 Town – Dances with Wolves Set. Pretty cool stop.

Enter – The Badlands

I am not sure anything can prepare you for what you see at the Badlands. It is just an amazing experience. It would be very easy to plan a trip around this geological marvel, spending hours hiking the various trails and just enjoying the martian landscapes.

You see the pictures and the first thing you think of is, “Why the hell do they need do call this place the badlands. I think it’s fair to say, everyone has a jaw drop moment when they first see this place. They say to themselves, this isn’t the, “Badlands”, this is the, “Holy shat, this is amazing lands”.  You immediately google how this place got its name and it all made sense.


We stopped here toward the end of day 2. The Badlands could easily be the center point of a trip to South Dakota. They offer camping and a slew of trails to keep you busy. Watch out for rattlesnakes!


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