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Day 1 – Erie to Iowa

All and all, day 1 was a very uneventful day.  We drive 10.5 hours and probably made about 2.5 hours worth of stops including this amazing Vietnamese restaurant in Iowa. This place had tripe and tendon on the menu. I think that's leaning toward pretty damn...

2018 Montana – Itinerary

Traveling to our Drift Boat Fly Fishing Trip in Montana is half the fun! At the Miss Mayfly Launch event in Ligonier, I was lucky enough to win a Fly FIshing excursion with a bonafide, certified, an Outfitter in Montana for 3 days!  Robb and I talked about flying out,...

Laurie Flew to Dallas – 5 Days of Survival

Setting the stage... So my wife Laurie went on a trip to Dallas, TX and left me at home with my two sons, Harrington and Liam, and our three dogs, Tess (Beagle Mix), Wiggles (Poodle Mix), and Jake (Australian Shepard) and I was also dog sitting Luna, my Sarah and...

Tess at Cape May

Our poor dog Tess was not a huge fan of the beach at Cape May Point in New Jersey. You can see how reluctant she is to get near the water in this clip.

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