Day 3 & 4 – Wyoming and the Horse Penthouse

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Wyoming was amazing. What a hidden gem this place is!

Little FACT, Wyoming is the least populated state in the US!

But the people who are populating it are a freaking crazy good time! (Tess, Junior, TC…)

We stayed right outside of the small town of Sundance in Crook County on a “FOR REAL” working ranch. We wound down this dirt road off of I 90 seeing a plethora of ominous signs that said, “No Trespassing”, “Stay Out” leading us up to our next Airbnb adventure.

As we drove up our host came out driving us like her own cattle to the correct place in the dirt to park our car and yes there was a designated pace in the dirt to park believe it or not!

We stepped out of the car and we were greeted by a menagerie of animals and Tess bearing gifts of cold brews, ribs, and beans with an extra side of sauce (via the t-shirt Tess was wearing) all ready to hike up to a picturesque lookout at the top of the ranch.

We literally stepped out of our car and began a straight up hike what seemed to be into the clouds, yes it was a steep climb but beautiful at the top and well worth the hike up!

NO time to worry about what might be along or at the top of the hike before we headed that way (creatures and critters). Our host and her sidekick TC “The Intern” with the million dollar smile and the nicest 20 something kid ever lead us up the mountain!

They both began telling us stories of prairie dogs, rattlesnakes and the epic battle Tess had this past winter with a 147 lb mountain lion – which she won literally right outside of our horse trailer – approx 6 ft away from where we would be camping for the next 2 nights.

YES, Tess is BAD ASS  even without her big chew in and all! The best part was seeing the look on my husbands face when she dropped one in and proceeded to spit, spit and spit some more with her husband looking at my husband and saying “Welcome to Wyoming”.

So this was a particularly cool Airbnb- so cool I booked it for 2 nights. This would likely be our only chance to ever stay in what seemed to be a horse trailer penthouse. I originally had arranged a  tent camping adventure in Newcastle, WY but I admit my pitiful 47-year-old brain backed out after thinking it over for 2 months prior to leaving and a weather check ruled out a leaky tent adventure!

“The Horsey Penthouse” was nicer than most houses and could be yours too for a cool 150k. Complete with AC, shower w/skylight,  full working kitchen, super comfy bed and that’s all just for the horses wink-wink.

Really though the horses quarters at the back were almost as pimped out as ours were! Mental note, “Never rule out Horse Trailers they are great and the people who own them are even more fun!”.

They showed us a great time campfire, dinner, hilarious stories never to be forgotten and Cold BREWS!

While staying in WY we ventured out the next day to visit and have “A Close Encounter” with the Devil’s Tower, if you’re ever out in WY this is a must see. Up close it is a crazy amazing national monument and if you’re a climber be sure and get registered to so you can make like Spider-man and scale up that thing!

Wyoming, in general, is just a breath of fresh air- land as far as the eye can see!

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